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Our story

In 2012 Stefanie traveled to India for the first time and fell in love with the colors, materials and handicrafts of the South Asian continent. India as the cradle of textile production was predestined to turn this love into a passion.

At the same time, Stefanie started a job with a large German development organization. Her task was to find out how successful the projects of this organization in Nepal were. During conversations with the population, Stefanie learned that the people were not at all satisfied with these development projects. The key message was, "Just buy our products, we need direct income!"

After a short reflection, Stefanie felt that her work behind the screen was no longer useful and did exactly what was the result of her evaluation: she bought 100 kg of local Nepalese handicrafts and brought them back to Germany.

A potential life concept developed from an experiment. The products were fantastically received and so it was possible for Stefanie to create her first own collections in 2014 together with artisans* in Kathmandu, Nepal. The product range became bigger and bigger and the demand increased visibly.

In 2016, Stefanie and Frank met on a mountain hut while hiking - in Austria - after Frank had already been cycling around the world for six years. They immediately bonded over their shared love of travel and decided to travel to India together in 2017. This trip turned into love and today the two are parents of a wonderful daughter.

Frank and Stefanie are now Perelin Handicrafts together. Frank mainly takes care of warehouse logistics, photography, technology and equipment. Stefanie organizes product selection, personnel and contact with manufacturers. Together they are a super team and complement each other's skills perfectly.

Perelin sold exclusively offline until 2020 - face to face, at Christmas markets, at several locations in southern Germany. This way of trading offered the opportunity to use the rest of the year to design new collections and visit the production sites in India and Nepal.

The move into digital selling was inevitable with 2020 and so we look forward to an even wider reach and even more happy customers than before.

Thank you for joining us on this journey!

Stefanie & Frank