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Brass bangle with genuine moonstone gemstone | adjustable | Brass

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The handmade bangle Yana is a real eye-catcher and almost a classic.

The gemstones were cut by hand and round off the oriental design perfectly. The bracelet is adjustable, it fits every wrist. Brass is a durable material that will dull somewhat over time.

You can easily make it shine again with a jewelry polishing cloth. If you want to achieve the matt effect faster, simply leave the piece of jewelry on while you shower or swim. Water (especially salt water) and other elements react with brass to create a dull patina. Brass is nickel free, it consists of copper and zinc.

Materials: moonstone, brass.

Wir liefern weltweit.


- Inland (Deutschland) innerhalb von 3 - 5 Tagen,
- bei Auslandslieferungen innerhalb von 5 - 7 Tagen nach Vertragsschluss.


(inklusive gesetzliche Mehrwertsteuer)
- Deutschland Kostenfrei
- EU-Raum 12 EUR
- Ausland außerhalb der EU 24 EUR

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Our mission

Perelin handicrafts created a passion for travel. Stefanie and Frank have traveled well over a hundred countries, which gave them deep insights and insights into the world and the greater connection of life. The most beautiful thing about traveling was always the cultural exchange, getting to know the population, immersing it in another cosmos.

Ethnic connection both felt primarily in Asia. Be it in the highlands of Tibet, in the mountain peoples of Himalaya or North Vietnam, in the slopes of the Indian tea farmers - everywhere they felt a very special attachment to life and nature.

We try to transport this connection to you with Perelin handicrafts. Appreciation for manual work, return to nature and insights into the ethnic diversity of South Asia.

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